Childhood Obesity in Trafford – Infographic

One of the many roles that we undertake in the Lab is to support the National Child Measurement Programme in Trafford. I have written about this before.

As part of what we do, we agreed to look at the data, and produce an infographic that could be distributed to schools, nurses, commissioners, etc, to raise awareness of the programme, and the numbers involved. This is what we came up with, after some discussion with Trafford’s Director of Public Health:

Infographic showing childhood obesity in Trafford.
Childhood Obesity Infographic 2014

Despite us having access to all the raw data associated with the Programme in Trafford, we decided to only use data that is published through the Health and Social Care Information Centre website. Doing this ensures anyone could recreate the Infographic for another geographical area, if they wanted to.

We used Microsoft Excel to draw the charts, and Microsoft PowerPoint to create the Infographic. This feels like a good way to create simple, static Infographics, without the need for Photoshop/Illustrator skills. The only issue that we had was in exporting the slide as an image – the default resolution is not high enough to make small text legible, at 96dpi. This was soon fixed, by editing the registry, upping it to 200dpi, which made everything a lot clearer, whilst increasing the size of the .png file from ~100kb to a still-manageable 600kb.

The whole process took around 4 hours, from start to finish. Feedback has so far been very positive – with this style of presentation being much more engaging than traditional reports.

Next steps for us are to develop the maps further – adding schools etc. We will also be making an online, version of the infographic – less print-ready, but slightly interactive, using Leaflet and Highcharts.

As always, feel free to distribute or reuse. And if you have any comments or questions – we’d love to hear them.


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