3 thoughts on “Putting our data onto OpenStreetMap”

  1. This is fantastic stuff. Good to see you feeding these datasets in. There’s a few ways you could do it in a more automated manner, but actually we tend to encourage people to merge datasets in manually because the results are usually better (an additional level of careful checking)

    Glad you found my XAPI query builder useful. It gives you a XAPI style URL. Actually this is a somewhat legacy feature of the more sophisticated OverpassAPI. Try this link to the Overpass Turbo website:
    http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/6WB That’s running the overpass query on the left, to yield a defibrillator map on the right!

    For building a report you might prefer this big long URL which gives you back the defibrillators as JSON direct from the overpass API (will include updates)

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