First Photos of Trafford’s Stunning Innovation Lab

Regular readers/followers/companions will know that we’ve been talking about the Lab for a couple of months now. We decided on a location – Stretford Library. We scoped out the mezzanine, excitedly took photos, got a quote for a lick of paint, decided where the Google Glass docking station should go (basically one of those polystyrene heads next to a plug socket), and thought about where the soft seating area should be.

Polystyrene Head
Google Glass Dock

Unfortunately, we didn’t count on the triple-threat of the Disability Discrimination Act, Fire regulations, and the fact that it’s apparently inadvisable to move 8/10 people into a space that has no ventilation.

So we had to come up with an alternative space for the Lab, and it turns out that there’s a room downstairs in the library, that we can occupy without breaching any regulations.

The only problem is that the room is currently in use – as storage for the library, and a monday job club. So we would need to work out alternative arrangements for both of these functions. Plenty of time to sort this, you would think, except we have two drivers – I can no longer park at the Town Hall, and my designated press officer is now on leave for two weeks, so the press release is already on the path to approval.

So we operated as the Lab today, for the first time proper. Soak in the ambience of the Lab in this fabulous collection of photos.

Lab Photo 5
Lab Photo 4
Lab Photo 3
Lab Photo 2
Lab Photo 1

On the plus side, the library is an absolute treasure trove of amazing stuff. Look at this:

Babybel Cookbook
Babybel Cookbook!

It’s a Babybel cookbook! The first of many innovative things to come out of this room.

What Next?

We will be clearing the room, brightening it up, and introducing some of the elements of an agile workspace – project board, showcase area, and a big screen where we can do presentations, demos, etc. The space has real potential for unlocking the creativity of all the Lab participants, and I am tremendously excited about some of the things that we’ll be making and releasing over the next few weeks.


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